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Construction Service Markets in Slidell

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K.B. Kaufmann & Company, Inc. serves a range of markets that require precise construction services in the Slidell area. From professional office settings to worship centers, we have the knowledge and equipment for each individual building project. We offer both new construction and renovation options for any establishment.

Professional Offices

Among our many capabilities is our attention to detail – a fundamental requirement for many business offices. K.B. Kaufmann is skilled in creating and building a professional office environment while balancing its cost, functionality, and appearance. Some of our projects include law firms, regional and local sales offices, and administration and staff offices for higher education environments.


K.B. Kaufmann recognizes important warehouse operational concerns upfront, knowing the details of racking systems, automation, and special equipment accommodation. Since warehouses are utilitarian facilities, we focus on making warehouse space both functional and efficient, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for workers. In turn, this increases productivity and control, reduces operating costs, and improves customer service. We also realize that cost is of great importance to a business and when warehouse construction is needed, economic efficiency is a great concern.

Light Industrial

At K.B. Kaufmann & Company, we are well aware that light industrial construction projects require a combination of office and warehouse spaces. We understand that the space must be designed to accommodate a structured working environment that has a heavy reliance on machinery and technology. Our light industrial buildings are created with well laid out circulation spaces that contribute to the safety and well-being of the building’s working occupants.


Design and construction of medical and health care facilities are governed by many regulations and technical requirements. The design team at Kaufmann & Company strategically plan for these requirements in each project phase, taking care to address each potential problem to avoid costly mishaps that may occur during the construction phase. Our medical clinic portfolio includes urgent care exam rooms, a cardiovascular clinic, a pediatric center, and dental offices. We have even earned the reputation as a premier builder of dental offices in the southeastern Louisiana region!


Our design-build team is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the requirements involved in planning, designing, and constructing restaurants and dining establishments. Chefs and entrepreneurs are not always aware of the many building requirements that a restaurant must meet. Here too, our clients have realized significant savings collected from our experience and trusting our judgement. We meet fire codes, safety codes, and Board of Health regulations as part of our professional expertise. This understanding of building requirements for restaurant construction enables chefs and restaurant management to do what they do best while providing their patrons a pleasant and comfortable dining experience.


K.B. Kaufmann & Company understands the razor-thin profit margins that have no room for error or inefficiency in today’s businesses. We then apply this to our work, and deliver superior projects that are within budget, energy saving, and require low maintenance over the long term. Our approach enables you as a retail entrepreneur to invest your time and hard-earned profits in your business rather than on the infrastructure of your building. Our portfolio of retail construction showcases a variety of retail space, including numerous strip malls, where some were new construction and others involved renovation of leased space.


Today, a typical training facility must be a flexible and technologically advanced learning environment that is safe, healthy, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. It must accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of the education program and associated curriculum. Each education building construction project comes with its own set of requirements and standards appropriate for the intended student, teacher, or leader. This is where we can guide your institution of academic or vocational learning beyond the 21st century and into a successful future.

Worship Centers

In many ways, the buildings of a campus offer a statement of invitation to those passing by as well as to the members of the congregation to “come in, you are welcomed here.” Not only is it fundamental to understand and appreciate the appearance of a site and the buildings of a worship center, it is deeply important to understand the financial challenges facing most congregations. We have consistently demonstrated that balancing the needs of a congregation to expand their facilities with their financial abilities is not only possible, but practical when designing and building in a worship setting. It has been rewarding to share our time, experience, and expertise with congregations that are impacting their local community in such a positive way.

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