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Construction Services in Slidell

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Our team at K.B. Kaufmann & Company in Slidell offers different services for each phase of a commercial construction or renovation project. We provide real estate advising, design-build, and more to guide your plans to a finished building.

Real Estate

Whether you own or are seeking to buy a parcel of property that you wish to develop for commercial use, K.B. Kaufmann & Company can provide full-service commercial real estate development and expertise for each unique client. There are several areas of interest that if not clearly understood and addressed, could prove to make the planned land development financially unviable. Committed to the needs of our clients, we can assist you in the processes for site selection, planning, and property acquisition. Because of our presence in the market, we have a number of commercial realtors who enjoy working with us and who are attentive to the needs of our clients.

Our goal is to deliver the most cost effective real estate development solution for each unique business situation. If your vision is to build a new building, assessing your existing site or selecting a site that is financially viable is the first step to making your vision a reality. We can help.


This is a construction delivery process encompassing design, budgeting, and construction aspects that are contracted with single entity generally understood to be a design-build contractor. The benefit to you is that the value-engineering of the project is occurring simultaneously with the design ensuring the critical needs and objectives of your business are being addressed within the constraints of the project budget. This integrated approach also creates efficiencies in the “build” portion of the project as the nuances of the construction phase are communicated to the build teams long before they begin their work on site.

At K.B. Kaufmann & Company, our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals are among the most respected and experienced in our business. If you want to minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity for success, come and let us introduce ourselves. We believe you will come to the same conclusion that many of our clients have – that the best thing that could happen in building your building is meeting the folks at K.B. Kaufmann.


At K.B. Kaufmann & Company, our presence in the marketplace underscores the reality that we have enjoyed a lengthy and excellent working relationship with numerous lending institutions and independent commercial mortgage consultants. Navigating the complexities of lending institutions, what they require in their loan packages, and tracking who has the best rates can be daunting at best. When you consider K.B. Kaufmann & Company, you get to leverage our network of independent mortgage consultants and are guaranteed to be required to provide only the necessary information. This will get you the best mortgage rate and in most cases, you will never have to meet with a banker.

Most importantly, we maintain an arm’s length relationship with commercial mortgage brokers and consultants. The information they require is confidential between you and the consultant or broker you select. It should be comforting to know that you can come to one place and have your entire project challenges addressed with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Construction Management

It is generally understood that construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end. Naturally, as a design-build contractor, construction management is an inherent characteristic. We believe that we, as the K.B. Kaufmann team, have demonstrated a best practices approach to construction management that consistently has delivered timely completion of projects within the project budget.

From your first visit, a project manager begins to gather information about your goals, concerns of priorities, and will ultimately guide you through the entire construction process. Coinciding with our best practices approach to construction management, we subscribe to the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA features a comprehensive suite of contractual documents that address the full spectrum of design and construction projects, both large and small. These documents save time and money, feature fair and balanced agreements, are user friendly.

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